Watch my orientation; How To Truly Thrive With Chronic Illness!

Hi Girl! I’m excited you decided to sign up for my webinar. I love helping other women with illness discover the tools to more effectively manage the demands of illness. With a little bit of focus and the right tools, you can also learn to manage stress, embrace your illness and thrive!

What you will learn: 

  • How to develop an emotional well-being skill set
  • The key to quickly shifting your mindset from negative to positive 
  • Why exercise isn’t the solution to reducing and preventing stress
  • The truth behind why you're not fully thriving


Presented by


Nicole Harrington

Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m on a mission to empower women living with illness to discover self-love and acceptance. I teach women what true self-care entails, so they’re able to embrace their illness and thrive!



"From one T1D warrior to another, thank you! I never realized how stressed out I actually was before working with you. Going through your program has helped me reflect a lot on all of T1D's demands and how often I let them overwhelm me. I have loved using mindfulness as a tool to better manage the stress from my T1D!"

- Kylie