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I have helped so many people take control of THEIR LIVES. Don't forget this is YOUR life and no one else's. Its time to make the most of it.  

With a little bit of focus and the right tools, you will soon join the many people whose lives I have helped completely change.  

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Krista Ellow

Hi. I'm Dr. Krista Ellow. I'm a clinical pharmacist turned diabetes health coach who's on a mission to make the world of medications makes sense again! 

It can be done and I'm here to show you how.

Why me?

First, in addition to having the science background required, I also host my own podcast called, “The Angry Pharmacist” where I share my experiences in the world of healthcare and the big misses that have occurred, particularly in the treatment and management of diabetes.  

I'm a board certified expert in chronic disease, she spent years applying the traditional methods of diabetes management. Now she uses food to help her patients heal, recover and overcome diabetes. Join me on this adventure and learn to get your diabetes tamed and your life back on track!



"I feel great. The roller coaster blood sugars are gone, I have more energy and I have lost 10 pounds!"  - Amy R